Paige's Birthday 2013.

Paige's Birthday 2012.

Paige's 1st day at school.

Paige's Christmas program 2011.

Paige's first day at Pre-School.

Paige's 4th Bday party (some at the zoo!).

Paige's 3rd Bday party Page a..

Paige's 3rd Bday party Page b.

Misc pictures for August 2010

Misc pictures through July 2010.

Paiges first haircut.

Misc Paige pictures October and November 2009.

Paige Halloween 2009.

Paige birthday 2009.

Paige April 2009 to mid August 2009.

Paige Sept 2008 to December 2008

Paige January 2009 through March 2009

Paige's first birthday!!!!s

Paige September 2008 updates

Paige June and early July 2008 updates

Paige May updates

Paige first swimming lesson

Paige April 2008 continued

Paige March and April 2008 pictures

Paige Paige January and February 2008 pictures.

Paige first bisquit and sweet potatoes

Paige 3.5 Month pics from Anita Kent photography!!!

Paige December pics

Paige November pics

Paige October and November pics

Paige September and October pics.

Paige's first week home.

New born Paige at the hospital page 1.

Newborn Paige at the hospital page 2 (grammy Jan's pics).

Newborn Paige information

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